Security Solutions

Networks are vulnerable on multiple levels—from malware attacks to manipulation or theft of operational data to unauthorized network access. As more industrial operations become linked to corporate networks and connectivity is pushed out to devices, the number of entrance points onto the network increase. This makes it vital to assess where security vulnerabilities may occur and develop safeguards within the infrastructure to reduce the opportunity for intrusion.

When youʼve got people, products, and information to secure, you canʼt afford to cut corners. Whether your facility is small or large, we have the access control system for you. Discover the power of access control solutions designed with open architecture standards and created to make the most of your existing investments. Powerful features, simple operation and service support you would expect.

Data Flux offers solutions that manage and strengthen your network security in all layers of network including physical layer, network layer, application and also user layer (eight layer).

There is the need for some solutions for user-centric service discovery that provide users with a personalized view of only the services of their potential interest based on user context, e.g., user preferences, access device capabilities, and environment conditions and all other their normal/abnormal activites.